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Upholding Last Wishes Through Litigation

If there is any gray area in a decedent’s will or trust, there may be grounds for a contest or dispute from someone who has a stake in the result. Whether you are looking to defend a will or trust or contest it, make sure you have an experienced estate and trust litigation attorney to help you.

My name is Daniel M. Chen, and I am an attorney who has helped Honolulu clients with their estate and trust litigation needs for more than 19 years. I work closely with my clients to understand their unique situation and reach the best possible outcome in their dispute.

Do Not Take Chances In Your Dispute

There are four primary reasons someone needs to prove for them to dispute the will or trust successfully; they are:

  • The document was not correctly completed according to state law.
  • The person who created the will or trust was not medically capable of doing so.
  • The person who created the will or trust was forced or threatened into doing so.
  • The will or trust in question was created through fraud, or it is not the most current version.

In order to prove any of these reasons as true or false, I extensively review all factors of the dispute claim and meticulously build my case for my clients.

The decedent who created the will or trust had specific wishes about how they want to distribute their estate, and it is my goal to uphold those wishes to the best of my ability.

What Sets Me Apart From The Rest

I want to be sure that you are getting the best service for your money, and I work hard to make certain that happens. My experience can become the most significant advantage in your dispute and help you uphold your loved one’s last wishes.

If you need a Hawaii attorney whom you can trust to guide you through your litigation needs over a will or trust, contact me today. Call me at 808-206-7768 or email me here to schedule your initial consultation.