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Defending Your Business With Experienced Representation

Running or owning a business seems to go hand in hand with legal challenges. From internal disputes between employees and employers to litigation problems between two businesses, any challenges can drastically disrupt the course your business is currently on. When you face a business law problem, you can help keep your business on course with the help of a dedicated and tenacious business law attorney.

My name is Daniel M. Chen, and I am a Hawaii attorney who has been serving the Honolulu community for more than 19 years. I know what it takes to craft a custom-tailored strategy that suits my clients’ unique needs, so I can provide them with the representation they deserve from their attorney.

How I Work To Defend You

In the years that I have been representing clients through their business law challenges, I have succeeded in even the most problematic areas, such as:

  • Partnership disputes
  • Vendor disputes
  • Licensing agreement disputes
  • Employment law allegations
  • Defamation cases

I work tirelessly to provide my clients with the negotiation and arbitration that they can count on to protect their business. I have intimate knowledge of what judges in the area are looking for while presenting a client’s case. I know how to collect all the essential evidence while defending my clients effectively.

Choose Experience To Protect Your Bottom Line

I am an attorney who knows what is at stake in business law cases, and I fight to protect my clients’ best interests. You deserve an attorney who you can trust to do everything necessary to help you succeed in your legal matters.

Schedule your initial consultation with an attorney that you can trust by calling me at 808-206-7768 or clicking this link to email me. I look forward to earning the opportunity to represent you through your legal problems.