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Settling Disputes Through Civil Litigation

Sometimes, two different parties cannot come to an agreement or resolve a dispute on their own. When these parties come to an impasse, civil litigation can be an appropriate method of resolving the matter. If you are looking to pursue civil litigation, you want to be sure that you have an experienced attorney to help you.

My name is Daniel M. Chen, and I have been a practicing civil litigator since 2001 for the Honolulu community. My exceptional skills in litigation and arbitration have helped me create my record of success in my career. I can assist you with your litigation needs in the following areas.

Estate And Trust Litigation

When a loved one passes on, and there is uncertainty about their last wishes, an attorney may be necessary to get to the bottom of things. I can assist you with either disputing or defending a will or trust so that you can uphold the last wishes of your loved one.

Real Estate Litigation

Sale of property disputes, neighbor disputes, seller disclosure lawsuits, and commercial leasing disputes can all be considerably difficult when you try to handle them on your own. You can rely on my experience to present your strongest possible case before a judge to help you attain the best possible outcome in your real estate needs.

Business Litigation

Whether two business partners are in a considerable dispute or a business has conflicts with one of its vendors, I know how to navigate these matters while still protecting your business’s integrity and success. You can count on me to help you settle things quickly and efficiently.

Make My Experience Your Advantage

I’ve participated in numerous administrative hearings, arbitrations and mediations, and I’ve held many seminars on insurance in civil litigation here in Hawaii. My extensive litigation experience has also taught me what judges at all court levels are looking for in these cases. This experience allows me to craft the best possible strategy for my clients.

If you are looking for a litigation attorney who will stay committed to you until the very end of your litigation needs, contact me today. Call 808-206-7768 to schedule your initial consultation or email me here.