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An Experienced And Dedicated Attorney

When you need a personal attorney to represent your needs, you want to be sure that they are as committed to your best interests as you are. The effort and experience an attorney offers can make the difference in earning the best possible outcome in your legal problems, but how can you be sure you choose an attorney who is right for you?

My name is Daniel M. Chen, and I am a Hawaii attorney who prides himself on offering compassionate and tenacious representation to the Honolulu community. I have been practicing law since 2001, and I have collected invaluable experience during that time. This experience can become your most significant advantage in your legal need.

Daniel M. Chen

My Areas Of Practice

When an attorney handles too many different areas of law, it may affect the quality of service in any individual area. That is why I have chosen to focus my practice on three main areas of law:

  • Civil litigation
  • Sexual abuse
  • Personal injury

My goal is to provide the most good to the most amount of people, and it starts with helping people just like you through your legal challenges.

Personal injury claims require exceptional negotiation skills, civil litigation issues often called for resolute litigation, and sexual abuse cases require compassionate representation. These are the qualities that you can expect to experience when I represent you.

Arm Yourself With My Representation

Two of the biggest mistakes someone can make when facing a legal problem are either never hiring an attorney or waiting to hire one. Please do not make either of these mistakes and reach out to me today if you need legal help.

Call me at 808-206-7768 or email me here to schedule an initial consultation to discuss what I can do for you. Do not wait another day to seek the help you need.